Oct 22, 2010

Unleash the Power of Your Ensoniq ESQ-1 with TEANEGRO PATCHES!

Here they are! Faithful emulations of classic vintage synth sounds and many more. Funky Moog basses, Oberheim strings, PE2000, PPG Wave, JX-8P, JUNO, SID, Elka Synthex (Laser Harp), TB-303, Polymoog, deep pads, synth brasses, leads, DX7'ish basses, classic analogue dance basses, 90's rave buzzes, Rhodes, Clavinet, dusty string ensembles including Eminent 310 Unique...

Total 80 carefully programmed patches in two banks (SysEx). Compatible with Ensoniq ESQ-1, ESQ-M, SQ80 and Siegfried Kullmann's SQ8L VSTi. You need a computer with MIDI Interface and SysEx librarian to dump these patches into your Ensoniq.

Price: 19.95€ (Email Delivery)  Ordering Instructions

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